his dearest dream is owned and maintained by e.b. minor

e.b. minor is a pen name, but if you feel weird about calling someone that you can call them bailey.

bailey goes by other miscellaneous pen names, but those won't be listed here for (obvious) secrecy reasons.

artistic impression of e.b. minority

(artistic impression provided by meg.ikarp.)

segments of this network has been compromised, but maintains physical form.

one would go as far as to call this a dream.

perhaps we all have different opinions on what can be done.

self-identifies by the title "the author".

despite this self-appointed archetype, e.b. minority has published [0] written media.

partial to specific substitutes for their identifiers, notably "they/them" and "he/him"

biological sex, gender, age and other identifiying attributes remain unknown.